L’infatigable Geoff Huston a récemment publié un excellent article intitulé « IP Address Exhaustion In 12 Easy Questions ».

D’une qualité pédagogique rare et avec une certaine aisance *certaine* de style et de forme, G.H. a couvert, en largeur et en profondeur, des problèmes aussi brulants qu’épineux.

Je vous laisse découvrir : http://www.circleid.com/posts/ip_address_exhaustion_in_12_easy_questions/

Voilà les questions (je vous laisse découvrir les réponses, #teasing :-))

  • 1. What’s the most significant challenge to the Internet today?
  • 2. What is an « IP Address » and why is it so important?
  • 3. Why are we running out of addresses?
  • 4. When will we run out?
  • 5. What’s the plan?
  • 6. How many addresses are in IPv6?
  • 7. How do we transition to IPv6?
  • 8. When my computer supports IPv6 can I return my IPv4 address?
  • 9. What needs to be done to transition the network to IPv6?
  • 10. How long do we expect this dual stack transition to take?
  • 11. What about « address sharing » in IPv4? Why do we need IPv6 anyway, given that we could simple share addresses in IPv4?
  • 12. This all sounds like a terrible problem. Was this whole global « experiment » with the Internet all one big mistake? Should we have looked elsewhere for a networking technology for computers back in the 1990’s?

Et voilà pour info mes commentaires sur cette page :

Congrats Geoff!

You have tackled burning issues with striking teachnig skills.

Non-techs will be very happy to understand (almost) everything, especially with the help of the accurate analogies you have chosen (example: translation/transition in Q. #7).

Techs (including IPv6 early-adopters/advocates) will feel smart (;-) reading you even if they do not agree with all your arguments. But they (still) have lots of things to learn from reading your lovely articles 🙂

Keep writing 🙂


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